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Ball lock pins with T-grip stainless steel, with head-end lock

Ball lock pins with T-grip stainless steel, with head-end lock

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DescriptionMaterial:Grip thermoplastic.
Push button 1.4305 stainless steel.
Pin 1.4305 stainless steel.
Balls 1.4125 stainless steel.
Spring 1.4310 stainless steel wire.
Version:Grip black.
Stainless steel bright.
Note:Ball lock pins are used for quick and easy fastening and joining of components.
The two balls are disengaged by pressing the push button and the pin can be slipped into holes in the workpieces. Release the button to lock the balls and secure the connection.

Shear force double-shear (F) = S · τ aB max.
Advantages:Wide connections possible.
The pin length does not need to be coordinated with the component width.
On request:Other pin lengths.Accessory:Adapter bushes for ball lock pins with head lock K1416.
Safety spiral cable K0367
Retaining cable with eyelet K0367
Key ring K0367
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1415 Ball lock pins with T-grip stainless steel, with head-end lock 148 kB


Ball lock pins with T-grip stainless steel, with head-end lock

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Shearing force
double shear
K1415.20460505017,64655,513,21,53472519,450510 17.51 €
K1415.20460510017,64655,513,21,53972519,4100510 18.05 €
K1415.20460515017,64655,513,21,531472519,4150510 18.18 €
K1415.20460605017,64666,8513,223472519,450614 17.86 €
K1415.20460610017,64666,8513,223972519,4100614 18.42 €
K1415.20460615017,64666,8513,2231472519,4150614 18.58 €
K1415.2063081002362,989,517,333,596,53324,4100826 19.11 €
K1415.2063081502362,989,517,333,5146,53324,4150826 19.44 €
K1415.2063082002362,989,517,333,5196,53324,4200826 19.88 €
K1415.2063101002362,9101217,343,596,53324,41001040 19.69 €
K1415.2063101502362,9101217,343,5146,53324,41501040 20.30 €
K1415.2063102002362,9101217,343,5196,53324,42001040 20.64 €
K1415.2082121503381,81214,526,34,53,5146,539,528,81501257 22.41 €
K1415.2082122003381,81214,526,34,53,5196,539,528,82001257 23.15 €
K1415.2082122503381,81214,526,34,53,5246,539,528,82501257 23.59 €
K1415.2082161503381,8161926,36,5414639,528,815016100 24.36 €
K1415.2082162003381,8161926,36,5419639,528,820016100 25.67 €
K1415.2082162503381,8161926,36,5424639,528,825016100 26.39 €
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